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I am the lawyers and judge all in one We like to get the trial over with quickly Because it’s the sentence that’s really the fun!

I am the lawyers and judge all in one
We like to get the trial over with quickly
Because it’s the sentence that’s really the fun!

Ada Moray ~ 25 ~ Horoscope Columnist ~ Atropos ~ Jenna Louise Coleman

- Ada Moray was born in London to two aristocratic throw ups and spent most of her life in a crumbling mansion faced with an even crumblier inheritance. She’s also one of a set of triplets. Each one more evil than the last.

- She basically only came to Walten to catch her big break by sniffing out a story within a story via the hurricane, and fully planning to return home sweet home afterwards.

- The dream is either to become a world famous author or better yet, a media magnate. Her childhood dream was to be a witch, thus her general love of all things witchy and occult.

- Her eyesight is poor to say the least and she can’t actually read, write, see in detail without her glasses. Thing is, she despises her glasses and the weakness they show which leads on to her PA.

- Ada’s PA is her most powerful tool and jobs include spying, being dictated to, writing up said dictations and being hit on a lot.

- This babe is fabulously bi-sexual and did I mention she has a degree in Classical Studies just because.

- Some things you should know about Ada is that she has no patience for stupid people, schadenfreude describes her perfectly, she’s cranky as all hell, a complete smart arse but generally well-meaning. Most of the time.

Post-Hurricane, she failed miserably at finding a good story. Her editor at the Daily Mail fired her and now fuck all she’s stranded in Walten. Ewww. The worst thing is that she’s been forced to take up a job at the Walten Gazette as a lowly Horoscope Columnist which she hates. Though she does kind of like the thought of being in control of other people’s futures.

She’s currently slumming it in the provincial district of Walten with a cute picket fence that she really wants to kick down but shhh it’s for science. Well, science and the fact that her allowance is running out and she doesn’t know how to be poor yet, like she hasn’t practised it halp.

Needs: Her PA is the most important person in her life right now, especially since she’s still sticking around even though there’s really no point so yes Ada secretly adores her for it. A fantastical female PA to hound would be brill. Oh and her evil non-identical sisters too.

Clement Marotte ~ 29 ~ Bartender ~ Clopin ~ Bob Morley

- Born in Paris, his famiy relocated to Walten when he was ten due to his father’s mistreatment of the family wine business and rumour has it, one too many brushes with the local police.

- His childhood was pretty rough tbh since the Marotte’s were stuck in South Street [now South End] due to bankruptcy caused by his drunken lout of a father who beat him, his mom and his brothers whenever he managed to make it home from the pub.

- Long story short, his dad ended up with liver cancer which he died of. Needless to say none of the remaining Marotte’s were that sad to see him go.

- There was a big stupid bust up about the family business since his mom handed it over to the eldest brother [Marotte’s are traditional yo] and Clem felt that he ought to have got it because he could turn it round and make it fab again and his brother is lame k.

- So, in typically dramatic fashion he broke from the family, taking his sister with him. They ended up living in a crummy apartment with Clem paying the rent via his bartending job at the local strip club.

- He’s an idiot. Thats it. Though seriously, he’s manipulative as fuck when he wants to be and loves playing with people, prodding, poking and riling them up until they snap or spill some juicy secrets. He can keep a secret like nobody’s business but he also won’t be afraid to use it to his advantage. He’s a morally ambiguous little shit like that.

- Despite his dark-side and slightly stalkerish tendencies, he’s v. entertaining and happy-go-lucky and honestly really cares about people. He can be super overprotective though [see; little sister] but he generally means well.

- Post-hurricane, the run down apartment he was sharing with his sister got completely and utterly destroyed by the hurricane and they found themselves sort of homeless for a bit where they had to stay with the family again. It was super awkward and Clem would rather forget the whole experience.

- He ended up dipping into his savings and his brothers in order to buy a vintage [old and broken] caravan which he fixed up for his sister and him to live in. Currently it’s parked just within the bounds of South End and so far he hasn’t been kicked off the land yet.

- Clem is most definitely hopelessly in love with his sister, something that’s only really come to light for him since the hurricane. He tries not to think about it too much.

- Despite this new revelation of his, he’s still developing obsessions attachments with other women. Not to mention those all important emotional connections with a few special women, namely Leona Watson and Veronica Maddison.

Needs: People to mess with, stalk and generally bother. People who actually like him. That glorious family of Marotte’s including the matriarch, the eldest dick brother, the middle brother, and the all important little sister. He just loves people, give him all the people.

Regina Hannah ~ 26 ~ Nurse/Socialite ~ Queen of Hearts ~ Holliday Grainger

- Regina is the daughter of the hospitals leading cardiologist, who just so happens to be said hospitals biggest investor, you could say she got her job just because of her dad. Clue: she did.

- She doesn’t actually have to work for a living it’s more a case of her dad forcing her to in order to teach her some life lessons. Thing is she hasn’t learnt the type of life lesson that her dad expected her to, instead she’s learnt that you start from the bottom and claw your way to the top. It’s much better to be the Queen than the Princess, basically.

- Yeah she was kind of a bad girl with a tyrannical disposition and a slight drinking problem which led to her dad forcing her to start being an adult or else no moneys. Stoopid dads.

- Though her dads plan hasn’t gone that horribly wrong since she has started caring about her job and her patients even though it doesn’t always look like it. She’s cruel to be kind, well when she’s not just being cruel anyway.

- She might not be as extreme as she used to be but she’s still a bit of a spoilt brat with moodswings and a temper. Regina is also a huge flirtatious extrovert with a tendency to be completely thoughtless.

- She also has an obsession with high fashion and shoes so many shoes mostly high heels.

- Post-hurricane, Regina’s still living it up in her parent’s mansion on the coast but is wrestling with the idea of moving out and setting up home in the fancy new south end. The cons mostly consist of the nightlife tempting her to fall off the wagon again.

- In other news she may or may not have decided that she definitely has the hots for one of the doctors and it makes her heart hurt and she hates that.

Needs: Fellow socialite friends who she can rule over in a totally non dictatorish fashion but who actually hate her, which she knows but chooses to ignore. Actual friends who can help her be a better person and tell her when she’s being overbearing or downright psychotic. Lots of hot doctors and men in general for her to flirt with excessively.

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